Professional visa counselling services

Ensuring student resume on your campus

Our services do not end at matching the students to your institution; because we know securing admission doesn’t always guarantee enrollment; it is important for them to be granted a visa. We therefore provide visa counselling services for every student that use our platform to maximize their chance of actually resuming on your campus.

While counselling students for visas we work on the following aspects:

  • 1

    Student financial and academic background.

  • 2

    The latest rules and regulations governing Visa processing

  • 3

    Presentation of the documentation

  • 4

    Preparing the cover letter and finally

  • 5

    Preparing for the Visa Interview (if required)

The counselling service is meant to prepare the student well and give them confidence and conviction necessary to face the visa officer.

While it is true that the granting of visa is the prerogative of the Consulate, it is also clear that those who are prepared professionally stand a very good chance of "acceptance".

This service is available to every student your institution recruit via Findadmission platform. We support our institutions all the way! Constantly encouraging your students, guiding them and trimming the rough edges in the whole process.