About Findadmission Unique URL

Institutions with approved accounts on Findadmission are assigned a unique URL placed on the institution’s website or embedded in their marketing campaigns. This allows Findadmission students to apply and share credentials with these institutions directly after their profiles have been reviewed and marked as quality by the institution’s local account manager. New users of Findadmission go through same scrutiny until account managers ensure students are recruited and arrives on your campus.

Instructions on how to get Unique URL

  • 1

    Sign in to your Findadmission Account

  • 2

    Click Partner Badge from the navigation bar on your left hand side. Note that only approved institution’s can access the Partner badge page.

  • 3

    Copy the Unique URL and download the Findadmission Partner badge Logo

  • 4

    Place the logo on your website or create a marketing campaign on social media and ask prospective students to apply to your institutions using the Unique URL

Why use Findadmission Unique URL?

The Findadmission unique URL ensures quality students are recruited. You only get quality students for conversion since your account managers will be the ones to go through the hassle of sorting the best possible candidates who would apply directly to your school. This has always saved time and money for our institutional reps. Whether you're looking to recruit from our student user base or attract a diverse pool of students for your account manager to help you screen, using Findadmission Unique URL gives you access to a robust set of tools and a community of best practice to increase your student enrolment from Africa.

Ready to place Findadmission Partner badge on your website or link your marketing activities to your account? Wondering how it works?

Here is what happens!

Copy Unique URL

Login to your Findadmission account to copy unique URL and download the logo. Place the logo / URL on your website and in your marketing campaign.

Student Apply

Students with Findadmission account should visit your institution page and login to apply or those without accounts are prompted to create one.

Account manager review profile

An Account manager call s students for interviews and if students are of quality, the student is invited to submit full application.

Complete Application forwarded

An Account manager reviews complete applications and provided it meet your requirements, the application is forwarded to you for consideration.

Offer Letter

An Offer letter is sent to the student through the Findadmission platform while the account manager follows up to ensure the student receives the offer letter and knows the next step.

Visa counselling

Our trained visa counsellors guides the students on how to submit a good visa application to the embassy.