Our News Feed is a powerful and exclusive colleges & university branding tool that raises awareness, drives interest in your institution, and builds a pipeline of prospective students from Africa.


Unlike every other News Feed or social media platforms, Findadmission will allow you to engage with a more focused and targeted prospective students interested in study abroad opportunities


Share information about your visit to their country, generate interests in your institution and build brand awareness with update and information that will interest prospective students audiences.


Get insight into African student interests, behaviour, courses of interest satisfaction with the opportunity to network, discuss with prospective students on their palm.

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Grow your institution’s presence in Africa with a free Findadmission account.  Publish and share content to gain followers. Posts will appear on your page and in the news feed of prospective students across all devices and platforms. Want to know more about Findadmission? Learn how it works here

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Give prospective students a snapshot of your institution with videos, photos, student testimonials, admission requirement, scholarship available and tailored messages. Perhaps if you are visiting Africa anytime soon, this is an opportunity to share information about your visit and get students interested to meet you up.

News Feed Content is a powerful way to reach and give prospective students every information they need to know about your institution. We encourage institutions to make the most of it with these tips for creating and engaging content. Follow the
  • Keep content under 100 words. Note that anything over 100 words could be truncated on mobile and desktop leaving your reads with half information.
  • Use a very good image or video because content with images and videos gets more attention. An image size of 1200 x 627 pixels is recommended
This is a professional home where we provide our students a personalised, ever-changing collection of information, videos, links and updates from international education providers, service providers and news sources midst other educational services. The following content can be share:
  • Information about their school; Admission requirements; Scholarship opportunities; News on African students doing well in your institution.
  • Pepresentatives of some of the institutions abroad do go to African countries but the students don’t get to know about it, Findadmission News feed gives institution the opportunity to share information about their visit to Africa with prospective students.
To use Findadmission News Feed, institution must have created an account and also complete their institution profile. You can either have a Free trail version or one of our paid subscription plan.
  • Creating account on Findadmission is very easy and straight forward. Click on sign up and enter all the necessary information. Our administrative team will check your information to ensure you represent institution.
  • After completing profile and approved by our administrator, you will be able to login to the platform and have the option to share post.

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Findadmission.com has been developed to simplify what used to be an immensely complicated and time-consuming process. The team behind Findadmission.com works with students and education providers to provide a system that works for everyone by eradicating hours of paperwork or trawling through websites.

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Measure your content performance with our engagement metrics such as the numbers of prospective student likes, comment and sharing ratio. You can also respond to comment and engage a good numbers of student audiences and get them to submit a full application for consideration- all in one platform.