A powerful student recruitment system and much more

Findadmission revolutionised international student recruitment from Africa by automating the traditional recruitment process into online application from end to end.

Free Marketing

Over 100,000 Findadmission users gets to know about your institution through our platform and would have access to every information needed in order to submit application

Local Account Manager

We allocate an account manager to your institution from each of our local offices in Africa depending on your subscription. They ensure that right students are recruited to your institution

Easy Access

Over 20 features including audio & video conferencing with local account managers and students, live chat and SMS services

Reliable Support

Our IT support Team will assist you with your institution set up to ensure that your institution profile is up and running on Findadmission.com

Visa Counselling

Our services does not end at matching the students with your institution; we offer FREE visa counselling to our students to ensure they resume on your campus..

Wider Reach

With one account, your institution will be able to recruit from all the countries we have presence in, in Africa. This helps you increase diversity on your campus.

Why use Findadmission.com to recruit student from Africa?

You can say goodbye to spending valuable time and resources processing and following up with unserious or unqualified students from Africa; and embrace cutting-edge student recruitment technology combined with human intervention which ensure you only have to deal with and consider quality student applications.

Your teams will have all the accessibility they need to seamlessly work with and communicate with your local account managers to deliver your desired result.

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Make human connections with video calling.

Face-to-face meetings are valuable; they can help in accessing student intensions or perhaps encourage students and their parents to make your institution their choice. With Findadmission.com, you can reduce travel expenses but still meet both prospective students and your local recruitment agents online

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