Getting started

Profile Set Up

Setting up your institution account on Findadmission is simple and straightforward. Our implementation specialist will also assist to speed up the process and ensure that your profile is completed.

What you need are basic information such as the study level your institution offers, academic year start date, tuition fee range and your requirement depending on your study level. Once completed the profile setup is done once and for all and you are good to start using our technology platform in recruiting students from Africa.

Introducing Account Manager

Once the profile set up has been completed and approved by our implementation team, you will be introduced to your local Account Manager(s)- Findadmission member of staff based in our local office in Africa, who will be working on your institution portfolio to ensure they meet the set student recruitment target.

You would be able to train the account manager on how to identify the right students for your institution. It would be valuable for them to learn your institution’s ethos and be equipped with necessary skills to identify the kind of students that you want.

Send admission offer

After accessing the student completed application and once decision has been made to give the student admission offer, our technology platform allow you to send the offer letter directly to the students. Student and your account manager would be notify via email and SMS that your institution has given an offer of admission.

A low risk, high growth recruitment model

Recruit student from different African countries without leaving your campus with our cloud student recruitment services—with minimal capex investment. Institution profile set up is seamless with a few clicks, a local account manager, and a dedicated implementation team. Spread your recruitment effort in different countries and reduce marketing expenses by leveraging Findadmission’s established presence.

Human Resources Yes Yes No
Commission on tuition No Yes No
Marketing Budget Yes Yes No
Enrolment Guaranteed No Yes Yes
Student Follow up Yes No No