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Findadmission is driven by delivering results thus bringing you student diversity on campus from across Africa. Annually, institutions invest huge sums of money in their marketing campaigns to recruit prospective students. This huge expenditure could go wasted as institutions might not get the required quality students for enrolment. FA helps you in this regard. We make sure your returns on investments are always positive and huge, as we do all the grounds work of finding students that best fit institutions requirements and pre-screen students to sort out quality ones to limit expenditure on waste and a good return on your investments.
Findadmission was built with student conversion in mind; therefore our account managers provide ONLY quality students for consideration. This makes our conversion rates one of the highest rates in the industry. We are proud to say that almost 90% of our students are converted and enrol in their chosen study destinations.
It’s a cost-effective and convenient solution to recruit pre-screened African students, built with student conversion in mind. We revolutionize international student recruitment from Africa by adopting the traditional recruitment process and putting it online. We understand what conversion means to education providers and this is what we can assure you of if you choose to use our student recruitment tool.
No. We are not an agency that charges students for their services. We represent institutions and recruit for them as such. Findadmission provides institutions looking to recruit from Africa with quality students leaving international recruitment directors with no hassle in determining right fits for their schools.
We provide institutions with pre-screened quality students with every document and any other information institutions might require for enrolment to be successful; as well as providing quick and convenient access to information. We also provide follow up and quality assurance to ensure that your time is only spent on reviewing students that stands a very good chance to enrol on your campus.
Yes! Findadmission is very easy to use even without having IT knowledge. All you need is follow the steps. You first signup, get assigned to an account manager, get training on the assigned account manager and then recruitment begins. This means you start receiving quality applications from Africa after it has been thoroughly checked.
Findadmission has a wider student reach in Africa from Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Kenya and now expanding to Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra-Leone and Senegal.
Findadmission has a plan that’s fully free. Here you get to enrol quality African students seeking to pursue their undergraduate and graduate programs.
Findadmission pricing varies per plan. Findadmission offers the free plan, silver plan, gold plan and platinum plan. The free plan does not have a guaranteed number of enrolments a year for institutions whereas the others have that option of a guaranteed number of enrolments a year for institutions.

Services like a designated account manager to manage your institutions, having a wide number of African countries to recruit from, live chats and phone support are benefits with the silver, gold and platinum plan Findadmission offers.
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Our support team is always ready to assist you in anything. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!