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You give admission, we recruit. Findadmission has the largest prospective international student community. With Findadmission, you complete your profile and define requirements, and we market, match, recruit, and forward a vetted application to you for consideration. Findadmission can help you reach a wider student market.

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Hosting Virtual Education event just got easier

Findadmission lets education providers schedule, invite and host an exclusive virtual event that helps showcase their programs to a diverse prospective student base from Africa

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Why work with us

We offer various services and solutions that ensure you get exposure and brand awareness, and increase your student enrolment from African markets.

Wider Reach

Extend your potential reach to every corner of all the countries Findadmission.com operates in. We have effective marketing means that makes aspiring students apply and enrol from wherever they maybe. It would enable you strengthen the diversity of your institution by increasing your student numbers from remote parts of Africa.

Exposure and Brand Awareness

Once approved, our system algorithm matches the student to your institutions. You will have the opportunity to send invite to the student and in doing so, student who may previously be unaware of your institutions or the courses you offer will become aware of it and could very well consider your institution as a suitable choice from them.

Quality Check

Findadmission.com only match quality, pre screened students with your institutions. They would have been veried and interviewed by our local offices before being presented for recruitment – we guarantee that they are highly motivated, determined prospective students with means to study at your institution.

Application submission

Student submit their profile and upload all the academic credentials and necessary documents on Findadmission.com for the approval of our quality control team. We ensure that we thoroughly check the applications submitted by the prospective students and verify each document submitted to check it’s authenticity and make relevant enquiries as to their means and payment plans. We meet with parents when necessary to do so.

Visa counselling

Our services doe not end at matching the students to your institution; because we know securing admission doesn’t always guarantee enrolment; it is important for them to be granted visa. We therefore we provide visa counselling services for every student that use our platform to maximise their chance of actually resuming on your campus. We use experience visa counsellors who understand embassies and entry clearance requirements.

Recruit students through Findadmission

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You can either opt in for the commission based model or the subscription based model. To start the process of partnership, register now to allow us to sign the necessary paper work

Create Institution Profile

Initial profile set up is required to allow us to match the right student to your institution. Your profile will include information such as, admission requirements, course and cost implication for students

Set goals with local team

Subject to partnership package, each institution is assigned a local account manager, per-country; whose responsibility is to market them and ensure the right documents are provided by students

Start recruiting students

Recruit pre-screened prospective students on Findadmission. Applications are thoroughly checked before they are forward to you, for consideration.

What makes us different from lead generating platforms?

We offer various services and solutions that ensures exposure and brand awareness leading towards guaranteed students’ enrolment from the African market. Every penny spent on Findadmission is tied to results. Download the brochure below to find out how.

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